Anti-Fungal Foot Spray & Shoe Fresh’ner

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Anti-Fungal Foot Spray & Shoe Fresh’ner

Sanit Anti-Fungal Spray is a high quality fungal spore eliminator and shoe freshener. Fungal spores are the cause of athlete’s foot. They lurk in most bathroom, shower and washroom facilities and easily lodge themselves in warm moist places such as in between the toes and under the toenails. Although these facilities may be cleaned or seem to have been cleaned regularly, if they have not been sanitized properly you will be at risk of infection. Fungal and bacterial infections are common when incorrect or infrequent cleaning and sanitizing procedures are practiced. In reality and because of the high levels of fungal spores and bacteria encountered in public places it is safest to ensure that you maintain your own level of personal hygiene when using any of these facilities. High risk places would include camp sites, schools and day care centres, gyms and sports clubs and yes, even in our friends’ homes. Now it is true that most of these places mentioned above would have general hygiene practices in place, however these facilities are not being cleaned regularly enough especially during high usage times. This means that these germs are being deposited on the bathroom, shower and restroom floors. All of these floors should be disinfected regularly to prevent or at the very least limit the spread of athlete’s foot. Anyone who is a regular user of these facilities should be using Sanit Anti-Fungal Spray to ensure a complete protection against Fungal and Bacterial infection of their feet!

Sanit Anti-Fungal Spray is easy to use and enables you to protect your feet against athlete’s foot. Please note that this product does not claim to be a cure for athlete’s foot! Simply spray it onto your clean and dry feet to ensure a complete protection against athlete’s foot. Sanit Anti-Fungal Spray is also an effective shoe freshener. Smelly shoes are generally caused by dampness, from perspiration or water, rendering them to be a breeding ground for mould and bacteria which are the primary causes of the smelly odours. Spray a few squirts of the product into the shoe to neutralise odours. Allow the shoe to dry before using.

Sanit Anti-Fungal Spray is available in 250ml bottles which are fitted with atomizers. The 50ml version is one of the four SANiT S.A. products which make up the Camper’s Pack.


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