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Air Fresh'ner

Sanit Air Fresh’ner is a high quality air freshener. Toilet odours are caused by germs, bacteria and human excretion and can make any visit to a public or domestic toilet an unpleasant experience. Public toilets would include toilets in aeroplanes, busses, coaches & trains, restaurants, offices, shops, schools and day care centres, rest rooms on our major highways, gyms and sports clubs and yes, even in our friends’ homes. Now it is true that most toilets are equipped with air fresheners, however they are usually masking agents which simply mask the foul odours rendering the original odour smelling even worse than before.

When the need arises to make use of a toilet facility which has been left with foul smelling air by the previous user it is comforting to know that Sanit Air Fresh’ner is now available and completely neutralizes and eliminates these foul smelling odours. Sanit Air Fresh’ner also allows you to avoid personal embarrassment by completely neutralizing the air yourself before vacating the facility if your visit to the toilet has fouled the air. Every toilet facility, domestic or public, needs to use a product like Sanit Air Fresh’ner to make visits to the toilet a more pleasant experience!

Sanit Air Fresh’ner is easy to use and quickly and efficiently cleans the air in toilets with three or four quick sprays. After about 30 seconds the worst of toilet odours should have been completely neutralized and eliminated. To keep toilets fresh at all times we recommend that at least one or two sprays should be applied to the air in these facilities at the end of each day. It is however possible that more frequent applications are necessary in toilets which are in high usage public areas. This product is also highly effective in eliminating cigarette odours.

Sanit Air Fresh’ner is available in 250ml bottles which are fitted with atomizers. The 50ml version is one of the four SANiT S.A. products which make up the Hygiene Pack.