Camper's Pack

General Info


The Sanit Camper’s Pack contains:

The pack has been designed for travellers, campers or sportsmen and women to carry in their hand luggage, overnight bag, sports bag or in the glove box of their vehicles so that it is close at hand when the need arises to make use of public toilets and washroom facilities.

The Sanit Camper’s Pack allows one to sanitize the toilet, by using the Sanit Surface Sanitizer, prior to use and to sanitize ones hands, by using the Sanit Hand Sanitizer after using the toilet. The Insect Repellent is an effective deterrent for mosquitoes, flies, fleas etc. and the Anti-Fungal Spray kills fungal spores and can be sprayed directly onto ones feet after using a public shower or bathroom or sprayed into ones shoes to neutralise all shoe odours. The packaging complies with international aeronautical LAG’s regulations which states that all Liquids, Aerosol’s and Gels must be contained in a re-sealable clear plastic pouch, bag or container and each bottle may not exceed 100ml’s.

For more detailed information on the 4 products in the Sanit Camper’s Pack please reference the specific products information sheet.