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SANiT! Surface Sanitizer

Sanit Surface Sanitizer is a high quality surface sanitizer and disinfectant. Because of the high levels of germs, bacteria and human excretion soiling found in public toilet and bathroom facilities it has become a necessity to clean and disinfect toilets prior to using them in almost all public areas. These places would include aeroplanes, busses, coaches & trains, restaurants, offices, shops, schools and day care centres, rest rooms on our major highways, gyms and sports clubs and yes, even in our friends’ homes. It is a fact is that most users of toilets do not put the toilet lid down prior to flushing, this results in tiny particles of whatever was in the toilet prior to flushing being suspended in the air which will end up on the toilet seat and the toilet floor. These particles usually include traces of faecal matter, blood and urine. Now it is true that most of these places mentioned above would have general hygiene practices in place, however toilets are not being cleaned regularly enough especially during high usage times. Besides the toilet seat being infected and soiled, studies have shown that about 50% of toilet users do not wash their hands before exiting the facility. This means that germs and bacteria are being deposited on toilet and restroom door handles, toilet flusher handles, taps, and paper towel dispensers, including hot air blow dryers which make ideal homes for most germs! All of these surfaces can and should be disinfected regularly to prevent or at the very least limit the spread of germs.

With this in mind it becomes quite clear that toilet germs are then also being transferred to restaurants, telephones, computers, bank cards and even money, in fact almost any public surface becomes infected if it is not disinfected regularly. The most commonly transferred germs are the ones which cause diarrhoea, pink eye and influenza. Generally speaking, we need large amounts of these germs to make us ill through infection so if our immune systems are in good shape then our bodies can usually successfully cope with the odd attack, however if one experiences regular bouts of diarrhoea, pink eye or colds and influenza, then it can possibly be attributed to the fact that one is coming into regular contact with these germs and need to use a product like Sanit Surface Sanitizer to protect yourself!

Sanit Surface Sanitizer is easy to use and enables you to clean and sanitize a toilet seat in one quick and easy application by spraying it onto the toilet seat, leaving it on for a few seconds, and then wiping it off with clean toilet or tissue paper. We recommend that at least one squirt on each corner of the toilet seat is necessary so that sufficient fluid is on the seat to ensure an effective cleanse. However a badly soiled seat will require more fluid! Sanit Surface Sanitizer will successfully kill 99.9% of the following  3 major bacteria, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Escherichia coli, and Staphylococcus aureus, within one minute contact time and will also loosen up all soiling on the seat allowing it to be easily wiped off.

Sanit Surface Sanitizer is available in 250ml bottles which are fitted with atomizers. The 50ml version is one of the four SANiT S.A. products which make up the Hygiene Pack and the Camper’s Pack.